The following members have been awarded bidded jobs.

This page will be updated as jobs are awarded with the names of bid winners and their seniority dates.

Name Shift/Area Location Seniority Date
Joseph Stewart TWI Oregon Ave. 5-09-2005
Troy Jordan CARTAGE/FUEL PHL 8-12-2002
Charles Couwels RAMP PHL 9-13-1999
William Houseman RAMP PHL 4-17-2000
Joel Castillo Sr. CARTAGE/FUEL PHL 1-2-2002 P/T
Robert Johnson PRELOAD/BLDG. SHIFT PHL 1-2-2002 P/T
Patrick Shields RAMP/RAMP PHL 7-24-2006
Khaleeb Jones RAMP/RAMP PHL 7-10-2006
James Millison RAMP/RAMP PHL 5-22-2004
Amanda Williams CARTAGE/FUEL PHL 1-2-20002 P/T
Rocky Neely CARTAGE/FUEL PHL 9-15-2014
Melvin Demps PRELOAD/BLIDG.SHIFT PHL 4-29-2002 P/T
Frank Renna RAMP PHL 9-15-2014


If you have questions about what jobs you may qualify for or what bids are available please contact your shop steward or business agent.