Teamsters Local 623 members were out again at the gates reminding members to sign up for the new UPS Teamsters App.


The app is your one-stop shop for everything related to UPS Teamsters and the fight for a strong contract in 2023, including:

Bargaining Poll
Mark your top issues that you want your union to address in the 2023 contract.

National Agreement – all Supplements and Riders
Pull up and search the National Master Agreement as well as all supplements, riders, and addendums that apply to your local and job classification.

Grievance Notes Form
Build your case in real-time with this tool that allows you to record the facts of any violation by the company, immediately send the info to your steward and pull up previous entries in the app.

Package & Feeder Driver Logs
Keeping an accurate record is one of your best defenses when management tries to take any action against you.

Strike Savings Calculator
This in-app tool helps you budget your savings so you are prepared in the event that we have to strike UPS for the contract we deserve.

Steward’s Guide
Helpful insights for stewards and all UPS workers to enforce the contract and protect your rights.

Contract Timeline
What’s next? Learn about the various stages of the campaign and what’s ahead as we fight for a strong contract.

Updates & News on Negotiations
Get regular updates from the campaign on the app and through app notifications to your phone.

Get Involved
Learn how you can plug in to the campaign, attend future actions and download printable campaign materials from the app.

As we prepare to take on UPS, we need all UPS Teamsters informed, engaged and ready to take action. With regular updates throughout the campaign, this app will be your home for this historic fight.