The 2023 Shop Steward’s Elections have been scheduled. Elections will begin the week of January 6th, 2023.

The details of each election –– including the precise days, times, and locations of voting –– will be announced as soon as they are finalized. In running for, and accepting, the position of shop steward, you acknowledge and accept the following requirements and duties:

  1. To represent all members honestly, equally, and fairly.
  2. To investigate all grievances referred to you by members and ensure that all deadlines for processing grievances are complied with.
  3. To retain all copies of all grievances filed.
  4. To settle grievances, whenever possible, after consultation with relevant members and business agents; and, whenever a grievance cannot be settled, to ensure that the appropriate business agent is informed.
  5. To attend general membership meetings, steward meetings, seminars and training sessions.
  6. To regularly communicate with the Union, the responsible business agent, and the membership.
  7. To set a model example of Union membership, solidarity, and fellowship.

Interest lists will be hung in all centers by Monday, December 12. If you are interested in running you must sign the interest list in your center or work area.