ATTN: UPS Feeder Drivers. As many of you know the Union has submitted a Change of Operations grievance to appeal the decision of the Company to break-up the Feeder seniority list. Read here for more information on the ongoing negotiations concerning Feeder operations. 


What UPS Wants:


What 623 Wants:

  • Split the seniority list in two (Oregon Ave and PHL).
  • Drivers will only have the ability to move between domiciles when a new job or vacancy occurs.
  • Maintain one seniority list for all Feeder Drivers across centers.
  • Maintain the ability to move between centers.

Be advised that all Sleeper Department runs will now be out of PHL.

Also be aware that, unfortunately, the October bidding process has begun without a settlement on the implementation plan for this Change of Operations. This means that, while the Union is negotiating hard to win an acceptable settlement, we cannot be sure of what the outcome of this new system will be.

If you have questions or are unsure of what this means for you and your bid, please contact Business Agent Ron Camac.