My name is Wendy Kudless. My husband Stephen is a proud 17 year Local 623 member out of Oregon Ave. Here is my story: As soon as I turned 40, I went to get my first mammogram. No issues, good to go. 2nd mammogram, not so much. 

After another mammogram and biopsy I was diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer n December 2018. 

No lumps, no pain. Teeny tiny micro-calcifications which are usually benign turned out to be malignant. On January 2, 2018, I had my first lumpectomy. They didn't remove enough of the cancer and after further studies, realized the cancer has started to break through the duct walls.

On February 1st I had my second lumpectomy and lymph node biopsy.

Thankfully the cancer had not spread to my lymph nodes but they still had not removed enough of the cancer cells.

So on Valentine's Day I had my third lumpectomy. Two days later I received the news that they had removed all the cancer and I could start radiation.

I received radiation for a month every day. But today I can say that I am stronger than ever and still cancer free! That mammogram saved my life."

Teamsters Local 623 would like to remind everyone that October is breast cancer awareness month. Get your check-up, get a mammogram. It could save your life.

Special thanks to Wendy and Stephen Kudless for the photos and the story.