Drivers Rights

How to Get On the 9.5 List Want to reduce forced excessive overtime? Here’s how to get on the 9.5 list.

Your Rights on an OJS Remember to exercise your rights when you have an OJS or one-day ride.

OJS Checklist Fill out an OJS Checklist and protect yourself from management's tricks.

Don't Be a Runner UPS tries to harass drivers into working faster and faster. Don't let managements games turn you into a runner. 

Follow the Methods Following the methods is a good way to avoid getting forced to work at a dangerous, unsustainable pace. 

Tips to Protect Yourself from Harassment Use these tips to protect yourself from production harassment. 

Don't Fall for the Falsification Trap  Customers can track packages like never before. Following UPS’s methods is the best way to protect yourself from unfair discipline for "dishonesty" or "falsification."