Labor managers are violating 9.5 rules. Some are claiming that 9.5 rules are not in effect due to the coronavirus crisis. This is not true.

If your 9.5 rights are being violated make sure you RECORD, REPORT and FILE A GRIEVANCE.


RECORD EXCESSIVE OVERTIME. Record any work week in which you work over 9.5 hours on three days. 

REPORT A 9.5 VIOLATION. If you are on the 9.5 list, keep track of any work week in which you work more than9.5 hours three times. Take your steward and report the 9.5 violation to the manager. Depending on the situation, anappropriate next step would be adjusting your load, triple time pay for hours worked over 9.5 hours in a day, or agreement to pay the triple time penalty on the next violation. 

FILE A GRIEVANCE. If your center manager does not resolve the problem file a grievance. The grievance should state that management violated Article 37 by working a driver on the 9.5 Opt-In list more than 9.5 hours, three times in one work week. 

The remedy or adjustment section should read: "Pay an additional time and 1/2 for all hours worked over 9.5 during the week and all overtime. Adjust load. Cease and desist from working driver over 9.5. Make whole in every way."

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