Teamsters Local 623 Secretary-Treasurer and Principal Officer Richard Hooker Jr. was featured on CNN's national broadcast Saturday, June 17th, 2023. Hooker's message was clear: UPS must stop the hostility and brutality if they want to avoid a strike.

"We just made this company the most profitable it ever has been" said Hooker to CNN's Senior Correspondent Alex Marquandt, "and they're not even coming to the table in some areas. That doesn't show me that they want an agreement." 


Secretary Treasurer Hooker explained that UPS puts out a "politically correct" message to the media but behind the scenes has continued with "brutal antics" that demean and degrade Teamster members on the job. 

When asked about the overwhelming approval for strike authorization, Hooker said plainly that if the company doesn't offer the Union a fair contract "then August 1st we will be on the side of the road."

Watch the whole interview below: