Inside Workers Rights

Supervisors treat part-timers and inside workers like we have no rights. Learn your rights and how to enforce them.  

Teamster Tips for Part-Timers Proven tips from UPS Part-Timers on protecting yourself and defending your rights.

Don't Jam Yourself Up When Dealing With a Supervisor Dealing with a supervisor can be frustrating but you must keep your cool. Follow these tips to deal with supervisors calmly and effectively. 

How to Respond to Production Harassment How to protect yourself if management is handing out excessive discipline for misloads or missorts? 

Make UPS Pay for Supervisors Working Working at UPS is exhausting. It's easy to look at supervisors working as help. But supervisors don't help Teamsters when they do bargaining unit work.

How to Prevent and Resolve Paycheck Errors You work hard for your pay. Don’t let management errors shortchange you.