Teamsters Local 623 is happy to announce that the Union now retains the law firm Willig, Williams & Davidson for its counsel. The firm will also be administering the UPS Legal Services Plan going forward.

WWD_graphic.pngWillig, Williams & Davidson is one of the largest and most respected union-side labor law firms in the United States. Founded in 1979, their accomplished and

diverse legal team focuses on representing labor unions, employee benefit funds, individual working people and their families. For nearly 40 years, their mission has remained the same – to level the playing field by helping unions and working families navigate a complex and sometimes intimidating legal system.

Teamsters Local 623 is proud to retain Willig, Williams & Davidson and we're confident that our membership will greatly benefit from their expertise and professional experience.

If you would like to learn more about the Legal Services Plan or if you would like to request representation please call the Union at (215) 289-0580.