Five-Year Agreement with UPS Passes Overwhelmingly

Teamsters voted by 86.3 percent to ratify the National Master collective bargaining agreement with UPS. The agreement passed by the highest vote for a contract in the history of the Teamsters at UPS.

All supplemental agreements were ratified as well, except for the Local 769 LAI supplement which covers 174 members in Florida. The national master agreement will go into effect as soon as this supplement is renegotiated and ratified. The UPS Teamsters National Negotiating Committee will immediately meet with the company to work to resolve any outstanding issues with the supplement. Upon resolution, the adjusted supplement would be voted on by respective UPS Teamsters in-person in their area.


The Local 623 supplemental agreement sailed through winning 82.58% approval from Local 623 UPS Teamsters. The new agreement was negotiated for the first time with the help of rank-and-file members and with unprecedented input from broader union membership. The agreement is among the most improved upon supplement in history.

Highlights of the tentative 2023-2028 UPS Teamsters National Master Agreement and Local 623 Supplement include: