Your questions about the Market Rate Adjustment answered.

New Market Rate Adjustment FAQ

Recently UPS raised wages for many of our members. These raises are called a Market Rate Adjustment, they are not the same as contractual raises bargained in each contract. Below are some common questions about the MRA wage increase.

Will I still receive my annual raise in addition to the Market Rate Adjustment (MRA) raise?

If your MRA raise was larger than $0.90 you will NOT receive your annual raise this year. If your MRA was lower than $0.90 cents, then you will get the remaining balance of the wage increase. 

What do I do if I didn’t get my annual wage increase?

First, make sure to check your old paystubs to confirm that you did not get your GWI raise. If you’re sure that you qualify for an increase and you didn’t receive it, contact your shop steward or business agent to file a grievance immediately.

What about Cost of Living raises (COLA)?

If you are out of your progression then you will receive a $0.33 COLA increase.

If you have more questions please contact the hall or your business agent.