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Sunday, August 30 at 11:00 AM

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Welcome to Teamsters Local 623. For over 100 years this Local Union has served workers in Philadelphia and the vicinity. We’re proud of our history and look forward to building a stronger Union with you.

This page is meant to help you understand your rights, responsibilities, and duties as a new member of this Local Union and of the International Brotherhood of the Teamsters. We hope that this page helps address many of the questions you might have about your membership and participation in your Union.

Where is my Contract?

We cannot stress how important it is that you become familiar with your contract. That's why we have provided digital copies of the UPS Master Contract, the UPS Local 623 Supplement, and the Local 623 Greyhound Contract for members to download. If you would like a contract book you can ask your Business Agent or come down to the Union Hall to pick one up. 

Read your contract and become familiar with it, the better you know your contract the stronger this Union gets.

Who is my Shop Steward?

Teamster shop stewards are here to serve you, the members, and they are your first line of defense at work. Their job is to represent the members, file grievances if you have any problems, and fight for members’ rights on the shop floor. 

If management calls you into a meeting that could result in discipline, you have a right to have your shop steward attend that meeting with you. And if you think that you have a grievance against your employer, then you will need to talk to your steward first to see if the issue can be resolved before escalating to involving your Business Agent.

Knowing your shop-steward is important. The fastest way to find your shop steward, and to get in touch with them, is to ask your co-workers. You can also check the Union bulletin board in your place of work, which should have a list of the stewards in your location. You can also ask your Teamster Business Agent.

Who is my Business Agent?

A Business Agent is the Local Union official who is responsible for solving any problems that your shop steward cannot. Each Business Agent is responsible for a specific jurisdiction. To find out which Business Agent represents you click here.

When are Union meetings?

General Membership Meetings are usually on the third Saturday of the month at 10:00 A.M. at the Union Hall (4329 Richmond Street, Philadelphia PA 19137). A calendar of upcoming meetings is here.

Attendance at meetings is critical as these meetings are where your Union makes decisions, where you can meet other members, where your questions can be answered, and where we get organized.

How do I file a Grievance?

If the Company violates the contract you have the right to file a grievance. See your shop steward to get the grievance filed. For tips on how to write good grievances click here. If you have questions or need additional assistance call the Union for help.

What happens if I need to leave my job? 

Be sure to obtain a “withdrawal card” from Local 623 if leaving your job for any reason. This includes FMLA, retirement, layoff, resignation, discharge, military leave, disability or compensation. When you leave your job, call Local 623 at 215-289-0580 immediately to request a withdrawal card. It is your responsibility to obtain a withdrawal card when needed. Failure to do so may cause you to be responsible for back dues.

What is D.R.I.V.E.?

D.R.I.V.E. (Democratic, Republican, Independent, Voter Education) is a political action fund the Teamsters Union has to assist us in getting and keeping legislation that is beneficial for workers. It is also used to get rid of or block legislation that is bad for workers. It is used to support candidates who represent our interest and to expose the candidates who are looking to bring harm to workers. The work done with D.R.I.V.E. funds can be more important than our contract. That is why it is so important to sign up for drive and maintain your membership.