Joan Elaine-Miller Named Chair of 623 Women's Caucus

Teamsters Local 623 Executive Board named Joan-Elaine Miller official chair of the new caucus today, September 18th. President Clarence Bagby formally appointed Joan as chair this afternoon and the entire Executive Board congratulated her on her well deserved appointment. Secretary Treasurer Richard Hooker Jr. said the caucus was "a long time coming" and that he was "proud to finally get this started."

Greyhound Contract Ratified!

Teamsters Local 623 members at the Philadelphia Greyhound station voted unanimously yesterday to ratify their new three year contract. The fight for this contract was long but workers stood firm and after picketing -- which generated significant media attention and broad support from the area labor movement -- the Company and the Union were able to move closer together.

Shop Steward Meeting: Saturday, Sept. 12th at 11:00 AM

Saturday, September 12th at 11:00 AM.


Seniority Lists

Seniority protection is a Teamster core value. The seniority system ensures fairness and equal treatment to all members. The principal of seniority is pretty simple, the length of time that any member has contributed to the Company gives them certain privileges when it comes to new job bids, vacations, and other benefits.

Members attain seniority through continuous employment and maintaining their membership in good standing. After working thirty (30) days within a ninety (90) consecutive day period, a new worker shall be placed on the seniority list.

Click the links below for updated seniority lists for each center. Contact your Business Agent or Shop Steward if you have any questions or concerns.

Vacant Jobs Available to Bid

The following jobs are vacant and available to be bid. Sign the bid sheet on location if you're interested and the bid will go to the most senior member. Good luck!

Labor Day 2020

Prinicipal Officer Richard Hooker Jr. spoke to over a hundred workers gathered at a Labor Day rally in support of sanitation workers. The rally was co-sponsored by Local 623, AFSCME DC 33, AFSCME DC 47, and several other local unions. Demands included hazard pay, personal protective equipment (PPE) and no layoffs. The diverse crowd represented many unions and different workplaces. Teachers, city workers, nurses, sanitation workers, librarians, postal workers and, of course, Teamsters all stood together in solidarity for essential workers.

The message was clear: "One Union, One Family!" You can see Rich's speech here.


9.5 Grievances PAY

9.5 violations are out of control at UPS. Teamsters 623 members are fighting back. Members are winning 9.5 grievances and getting paid when the Company violates our 9.5 rights.

Introducing the 623 Women's Caucus

Local 623 represents many strong Teamster women and soon the Local will have a women's caucus for our sisters to call their own.