Friday Coronavirus Case Update: May 8

Every Friday your Business Agents will post Coronavirus Case Updates on workplace bulletin boards.


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Mayor Kenney, Protect Essential Workers

Today, Teamsters Local 623 along with over 40 Local unions and allied organizations sent a letter to Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney. We are asking Mayor Kenney to meet five needs for all Essential Workers in the city of Philadelphia:

  1. Expand Testing Eligibility to All Essential Workers
  2. Mandate Anti-Retalition Provisions for All Essential Workers
  3. Authorize the Office of Labor to File Suit On Behalf of Impacted Workers
  4. Enforce Strict Safety and Sanitation Guidelines for Employers
  5. Reopen Hahnemann Hospital for Public Use

Click through to read the letter and see the signatories.


Labor managers are violating 9.5 rules. Some are claiming that 9.5 rules are not in effect due to the coronavirus crisis. This is not true.

If your 9.5 rights are being violated make sure you RECORD, REPORT and FILE A GRIEVANCE.

UPDATE: Dovetail List

April, 2020 Dovetail list.


Shop Stewards Virtual Meeting

While the coronavirus crisis has prevented our members and stewards from meeting at the union hall we are planning to adjust to online communications and meetings so that our members stay informed.

This month we will host our first virtual meeting for shop stewards. 

"Essential Workers: We Thank You"

Residents throughout the Philadelphia region are showing their love for Essential Workers, if you see signs of appreciation for Teamster 623 members and other Essential Workers please send photos to [email protected]


Dues Update


Due to complications with the TITAN reporting system members will not have a deduction this week for Union Fees. This deduction will be made up on payweek ending 5/30/20 which will show up on members paycheck on 6/5/20. 

If you have any questions or concerns be sure to reach out to your business agent.

New Shuttle Schedules

SEPTA has been operating on a weekend schedule since March 23rd. In order to ensure our UPS members are able to get to work the company is providing shuttles for members to use. The full updated shuttle schedule is available here.

Updated Bids

Below are the updated bids and who accepted them

UPS Problems, Teamster Solutions

UPS has agreed to listen to Teamster solutions for coronavirus related problems. Recently we have won assurances that the Company will (1) acquire hand sanitizer to provide to employees, (2) clean and repair the restrooms in all areas, (3) reduce congestion in small sort and throughout the operation more broadly. 

While we thank UPS for their cooperation here these changes are not enough to protect our essential workforce and the public.

UPS has many problems but Teamsters Local 623 has solutions. We have sent a letter to UPS upper management recommending the following solutions. Sign below to show UPS that essential workers are NOT disposable.

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