UPS Picket Next Week

For months UPS has denied the workers' demands for hazard pay or other incentive pay for those who have worked through the pandemic. The pandemic has been hard on workers who have had to work longer hours, move more packages, and make more delivery stops than before. As a result of their hard work and commitment –– even at the risk of their own health –– UPS stocks have soared and the company has posted over a billion dollars in profit for back-to-back quarters.

Now they have decided to skip these workers over for raises.


Feeder Update

ATTN: UPS Feeder Drivers. As many of you know the Union has submitted a Change of Operations grievance to appeal the decision of the Company to break-up the Feeder seniority list. Read here for more information on the ongoing negotiations concerning Feeder operations. 

Over 100k in 9.5 Grievances Won

UPS Teamsters have now won over $100,000.00 in penalty pay for 9.5 grievances. As the Company continues to violate the contract our members will continue to enforce their rights. If you are a driver on the 9.5 list and have worked more than 9.5 hours any three days in a week make sure to get with your shop steward to file a 9.5 grievance and get paid.

Parking Lot Meetings: Thurs, October 8 at 8:30AM

THURSDAY October 8, 8:30AM

ATTENTION MEMBERS! Your Stewards and Business Agents would like to invite you to a UNION MEETING. These parking lot meetings can help members better understand their rights on the job, allow members to discuss shared workplace concerns, and organize to ensure all our sisters and brothers are protected.

At this meeting Business Agents will report on updates from the General Membership Meeting and ongoing union business. 

Contact your Steward or Business Agent for more information.

Steward Election: Twilight Building Shift

Due to the growth of the shift and the fact that no steward has been exclusively assigned to this work area Local 623 will hold a steward election for Twilight Building Shift on October 22, 2020.



Jurisdictional Dispute Update

Teamsters Local 623 has requested a hearing from Joint Council 53.

Feeder Meetings October 2

ATTN: UPS Feeder Drivers, virtual meetings are scheduled this Friday, October 2 at 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM to discuss the recent change of operations notification. 


Please make every effort to attend.

General Membership Virtual Meeting

Our next virtual General Membership Meeting is THIS Saturday, September 26th at 11:00 AM. Hear updates on the recent Greyhound Contract ratification, grievance updates, the NEW Teamster Women's Caucus and how we plan to fight back to defend our rights at UPS.

Also fresh off the presses, the new Teamsters 623 New Members Handbook is now available.

New Member Handbook

In order for our union to grow stronger every member must be well informed. That's why Teamsters Local 623 developed this handbook to help new members understand their rights, responsibilities, and duties as members of this Local Union and of the International Brotherhood of the Teamsters.

Joan Elaine-Miller Named Chair of 623 Women's Caucus

Teamsters Local 623 Executive Board named Joan-Elaine Miller official chair of the new caucus today, September 18th. President Clarence Bagby formally appointed Joan as chair this afternoon and the entire Executive Board congratulated her on her well deserved appointment. Secretary Treasurer Richard Hooker Jr. said the caucus was "a long time coming" and that he was "proud to finally get this started."