"No, soap, no hand sanitizer... yet they're telling us we're 'essential'?"

Secretary Treasurer Richard Hooker Jr. was interviewed by NBC Nightly News last night in response to unsanitary conditions in UPS facilities. Hooker blasted UPS for their lack of preparedness and the unacceptable conditions at centers.

"We gotta put as much pressure on the company as we can to make sure they take care of the most "essential" part of their operation, our members."

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UPDATE: Teamsters 623 Virtual Meeting

Because of the coronavirus crisis our March meeting was canceled but we wanted to keep members informed so your Executive Board and Teamster Business Agents met and held a virtual meeting.

Click below to watch for new updates and how Teamsters 623 is fighting to keep our members safe.

COVID-19: Paid Leave & Short-Term Disability

Local 623 members at UPS are eligible for paid leave and short-term disability benefits if they are under a physician’s care for COVID-19 or have been advised by a physician, teladoc or state agency to self-quarantine.

COVID-19 UPDATE: What To Do if You Feel Sick

The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. Your Teamster health benefits are here to protect you.  

CORONAVIRUS: Teamcare Special Bulletin

The Board of Trustees and staff of TeamCare have been closely monitoring the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). With COVID-19 beginning to have an increased impact in our communities, we feel it's important to answer your questions and share the steps TeamCare is taking to help keep our members safe and healthy. TeamCare is working with our frontline medical professionals and vendor partners (BCBS, MMO, Caremark, Teladoc, and Quest Diagnostics) to best protect the health of our members. Although the situation is constantly changing, we would like to provide answers to the most frequent questions.

CORONAVIRUS: Teamsters Win Sick Leave

We have some good news. UPS will pay up to ten days of sick leave to Teamsters who are diagnosed with COVID-19, living with someone with COVID-19, or have been quarantined by a government agency, medical professional or UPS. The company will also make regular pension and health and welfare contributions for these hours of paid leave.

Under the agreement, UPS Teamsters can use all sick days, vacation days, and personnel days after the 10 days of paid leave are exhausted.


CORONAVIRUS: Teamsters Demand Sick-Leave and Sanitation

From Amazon to Walmart, UPS is doing less than nonunion companies to protect workers from the Coronavirus.

Amazon announced it will pay up to two weeks of sick time for workers who miss work because of the Coronavirus. Even Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is paying employees up to two weeks if have they been exposed to the Coronavirus or show symptoms.

By comparison, UPS says workers exposed to Coronavirus can take an unpaid leave of absence. That’s unacceptable.

Sign the petition to tell UPS to:

  • Provide 14 Days of Sick Leave to employees who are quarantined because they have been diagnosed with, exposed to, or have symptoms of Coronavirus

  • Sanitize Our Workplace by cleaning heavily-used areas and providing hand sanitizer to employees.


March Meeting CANCELED

Please be advised that March's monthly General Membership meeting is CANCELED due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Radio 623: March 11, 2020

Secretary-Treasurer and Principal Officer Richard Hooker Jr. is on air with Local 623 Radio. Twice a month hear about the state of the Union, major issues in the workplace and learn how 623 members are organizing to fight back.

Coronavirus: What you need to know!

Since December 2019, there has been an outbreak of respiratory disease caused by a novel (new) coronavirus that was first detected in China and has now been detected in 60 locations internationally, including in several states within the United States. This disease has been named “coronavirus disease 2019” (abbreviated “COVID-19”). Globally, 73 countries have had over 92,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 that have resulted in over 3,000 deaths. More new cases are occurring outside China than in China. In the United States, currently 13 States have reported confirmed cases; there are Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin. These and other States not listed here continue to test suspected cases and will report confirmed cases to local health departments and to the CDC.

Learn how you can protect yourself and others.