Contract Myths BUSTED

A lot of members and even more supervisors misunderstand certain contract articles. Here President Bagby busts some of the most common myths about the UPS contract.

INQUIRER: Vaccine eligibility expands across Philly, Pa., and N.J.; Del. opens to all adults Tuesday

UPS workers have been a critical part of the Philadelphia region’s vaccine supply chain, yet for months weren’t eligible to receive shots.


UPS is ramping up discipline against Local 623 Teamsters. Management is nit-picking over methods and even changing start times to hassle our members.

We know why they are doing it: to break our solidarity.

2021 Steward Seminar

On Friday, March 26, Teamsters Local 623 held our 2021 Steward Seminar. Shop stewards from every employer, workplace, center and shift attended. 

"Joe Gill MUST GO!"

Teamsters Local 623 stood strong and united on Friday, March 26 at a union rally outside the UPS facility on Oregon Avenue. Union members from our local and across the labor movement to show up and protest the unjust treatment of one of our union sisters and the unsafe conditions created by management in UPS facilities. State senators, city councilors and other allies showed up to tell the company that we will not back down.

Local 623 Newsletter Out Now

Teamsters Local 623 all new Newsletter should be hitting members' mailboxes in the next few days.

Union Annual Report: LM-2

Teamsters Local 623's annual LM-2 report has been published. Click below to see the whole report.

Delegate Election Results

Congratulations to Local 623 elected delegates Richard Hooker Jr., Clarence Bagby, Ron Camac, Joan Elaine-Miller, and Tom "Tiny" Callan.

Click through to see the full delegate election results for the 2021 IBT delegate election for Local 623. The attached certification will be posted in each center.

People Over Packages Rally

Unfortunately UPS is again breaking promises and endangering workers. After one of our members was severely injured on the job, management refused to send her to the hospital, instead they kept our Teamster sister in the office while she was in serious pain. Even supervisors urged the manager to send her for emergency care, she clearly needed treatment immediately. Instead she was ignored.