IBT Convention Update

UPDATE. The Official IBT Convention Call has been issued. You can see the entire call here. It will be posted on Union Bulletin Boards as well.

Split Wages, Bust Unions

Split Wages, Bust Unions! A video from Secretary-Treasurer Richard Hooker Jr. and President Clarence Bagby on why the imposition of $16.50 wages is not a gift from the company but is instead poison for solidarity.

Unequal Pay Won't Stand

Teamsters Local 623 has formally filed a grievance against the imposition of unequal wages at the Philadelphia Air Hub UPS facility. The Company is trying to divide workers by paying some workers more money for doing the exact same job as others with no additional seniority.

UPS Wage Update

Update From Principal Officer Hooker On Proposed UPS Wage Policy Change.


General Membership Meeting

Our next General Membership is Saturday, January 30th at 11:00 AM. 

Teamster 623 App

Click this link to get the App.

All Aboard Link:

If the app prompts you for an "All Aboard Code" the code is teamsterslocal623 (no spaces)


IBT Election Update

UPDATE. The following is an update from the IBT Office of The Election Supervisor.

Women's Caucus First Meeting | Sunday, January 31 2021

This Sunday, January 31 the Teamster Local 623 Women's Caucus will meet at 2:00 PM.

IBT Election Update

UPDATE. You will also be able to find this posting on Union bulletin boards.

Delegate Nominations

Click through to see the complete IBT Nominations Meeting Results posting. You will also be able to find this posting on Union bulletin boards.