Practice Picket and Rally July 13 starting at 8:00 AM at Oregon Avenue and at 5:30 PM at PHL Air Hub

Practice Picket and Rally

Thursday, July 13 at 8:00AM

Oregon Ave UPS

Negotiations are at a turning point: the Teamster National Negotiating Committee have put a massive package of economic demands on the bargaining table.

UPS Teamsters backed our demands by voting by 97% to authorize a strike. But after recieving the Company's disgraceful counter proposals we need to show UPS we are ready to strike with a practice picket and rally to support our contract demands.

  • Eliminate two-tier 22.4 and make all package drivers RPCDs with full rights
  • Wage increases for every UPS Teamster
  • Higher part-time pay
  • Catch-up raises for current part-timers
  • Create new full-time 22.3 jobs
  • Protect and create feeder work
  • Eliminate forced 6th punch
  • Higher pensions
  • Protect our healthcare
  • Eliminate PVDs
  • Additional paid holidays like MLK Day & Juneteenth
    And more...

UPS can either negotiate the contract we deserve by August 1 or they will strike themselves. The best way to avoid a strike and win the contract we deserve is to show UPS we’re ready to strike if we have to.

Practice picketing and other contract campaign activity is for informational purposes only. We are NOT ceasing work or deliveries and we do NOT ask anyone to cease work or deliveries.