UPS is ramping up discipline against Local 623 Teamsters. Management is nit-picking over methods and even changing start times to hassle our members.

We know why they are doing it: to break our solidarity.


UPS sees Local 623 fighting to enforce the contract. They have seen how our members stood together on behalf of our Teamster sister when she was injured at work and management did NOTHING, they have seen how our Teamster Business Agents and Stewards fight for EVERY MEMBER who is unjustly disciplined, they have seen how we stand UNITED and fight back. They don't like what they see.

The bully tactics and excessive discipline won't work to bust the Union but we all need to protect ourselves and our jobs. If you work safely, show up on time, and follow the proper callout procedures the Union can protect you from excessive discipline. We all must do our part to put our best foot forward so the Company does not divide us.

In the first quarter Local 623 has recorded all discipline received by Teamster members. As you can see the vast majority of discharges come from 3-Day No Call No Shows and other attendance related issues. If we follow proper callout procedures we could avoid this discipline. Your stewards are trained on the contract, your Business Agents are as well. If you feel you are following the methods and being unjustly disciplined get with your steward and Business Agent.