The 2023 Shop Steward’s Elections have concluded. Read more to find the results.


Center or Work Area  Shop Steward
PHL Feeder Dept. Mike Riegel
Preload PHL David Gehret
EAM Drivers Numaan Horne
Media Center Geoff Lefkowitz
Mt. Airy Center Ed Brooks
Sunrise Ramp PHL Ryan Boyd
Day Ramp PHL Ryan Boyd
Sunrise Cartage and Fueling Rodney Davis
Day Cartage and Fueling Rodney Davis
Twilight Building Shift PHL Dana Costello
Twi Small Sort PHL Kim Mack-Thomas
Twi Secondaries and Unloads PHL Sunny Darty
Day Hub PHL Daniel Sabak
Midnight Container/Feeder Unload/Irregs. PHL Dorian Brown
Midnight Primary, QC, and PD Wall PHL Clarence Smart
Midnight Secondaries PHL Eric Taylor
Midnight Cartage and Fueling PHL Colleen Beyer
OREPA Feeders Joe Micofsky
Mayfair Center Chris Glover
Bala Center Keith Roberts III
Southwest Center Tony Oliver
Center City Center Keith DiMatteo
Twi Cartage/Fueling Dorian Brown
Twi Oregon Ave Steve Fahy
Twi Ramp Carl Robinson
Midnight Small Sort Victoria Romeo
Midnight Ramp Carl Robinson
Midnight Bldg. Shift Abdalh White
Preload Oregon Ave Elijah Salim
Custom Counter Clerks Nicole Morrison


Congratulations to all the winners. 

All Shop Stewards will be invited to the January 25, 2023 Shop Steward Training. Please mark your calendars.