Stewards Toolbox

Stewards Rights As a Teamster Shop Steward, your job is to represent your members. Here's a list of some of your rights and obligations.

Tips on Resolving Potential Grievances Sometimes it may be best to informally resolve an issue before grieving it. 

The Six W’s of Grievance Handling Whether it’s a contract violation or a discipline case, there are six questions to ask for every grievance. 

Shop Stewards Tips on Disciplinary Grievances Stewards are the members' first line of defense. 

Using 'Just Cause' to Fight Unfair Discipline Understanding 'Just Cause' can help protect Teamsters from discipline or discharge. 

The 'Just Cause' Checklist Use this helpful checklist to determine if management has 'just cause' in a discipline case.

Investigating Grievances Having the right information can make or break your grievance. If you don’t have your facts straight, management can shoot down your case. 

Tips for Writing Grievances Writing an effective grievance is the first step to winning and the foundation for your case. Avoid common mistakes with these Teamster Grievance Writing Tips.

Presenting or Settling the Grievance Once you have fully investigated the case and decided it should be grieved, prepare yourself and the grievant to give the best possible presentation to management. 

Using Information Requests to Win Grievances Using our union’s legal right to file information requests from management can help stewards defend members and enforce the contract.

9.5 List Sign-Up Form for January & June Use this form to have every eligible driver in your center sign up to be on or off the 9.5 list from January 15 to June 15 and from June 15 to October 15. This form is due to management on January 5 and June 5.