What to do if you feel sick

COVID-19 protocols are still in effect. If you've been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 or if you have any symptoms and feel unwell. Its important that you get tested. 

Local 623 members at UPS who test positive are eligible for two weeks (10 days) of paid leave benefits total. Full-time employees will receive eight hours per day. Part-time employees will receive 3.5 hours per day. To initiate your leave you must:

  • Call (866) 790-9505.
  • Fill out the three page Extended Paid Leave (EPL) form on
  • And call the Hartford at (866) 825-0186.

COVID-19 protocol quarantine period is now five (5) days from the moment of a positive test. After the fifth (5th) day of isolation, a member who tests positive must come to work wearing a mask for the next five (5) days.

Special Bulletin on TeamCare Benefits & Covid-19

Coronavirus Sick Leave Agreement