General President James P. Hoffa and General Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall, sent the following memo regarding the 30th International Convention of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

January 6, 2021

It is with regret that we advise that the General Executive Board has determined that the pandemic will prevent the International Union from conducting the 30th International Convention in-person. While we are hopeful that the new vaccines will be distributed and administered to much of the public before June, many people responsible for conducting an in-person Convention need to be in Las Vegas within the next few weeks to make the necessary arrangements. 

After we have all worked so hard over these months to protect our members by providing PPE and forcing employers to act responsibly, we cannot put delegates and convention planners at risk. Nor can we predict that it will be safe to travel to Las Vegas in June, or that regulations in Nevada will permit such a large gathering.

You will soon be receiving the Official Convention Call. It will set forth the procedural accommodations that will be in effect for this Convention, to the extent we can anticipate at this time. Additional adjustments may be necessary depending on the future course of the pandemic and governmental regulations. There will not be any changes to the Constitutional provisions for electing delegates or the basis for determining representation from Locals, Joint Councils or other affiliates, or nominating and voting for candidates for International office.

Despite the fact we will be separated physically, we will be unified in our commitment to accomplishing the goals of the Convention, nominating candidates, adopting amendments to the Constitution, adopting resolutions that will maintain this Union’s position at the forefront of the labor movement, and addressing the future needs of our members. We urge you to stay safe, take the vaccine when it becomes available, and stay Teamster strong.