Teamster Tips for Part Timers

Get Your Daily Guarantee

Our union contract guarantees 3 hours of paid work every day to part-timers who work in the air operation and 3½ hours of paid work to all other part-timers. Don’t let management send you home early. That just gives the company an incentive to push everyone to work faster. Do your job at a reasonable pace that you can sustain. And get your daily paid guarantee.

Right to Union Representation

If you are called into a meeting with management, you have the right to have a shop steward present if the meeting could in any way lead to your being disciplined or affect your working conditions. You do not have to speak without a shop steward present.

Work Now, Grieve Later

Stand up for yourself, but be smart about it. Failure to follow instructions and gross insubordination can lead to termination. Never tell a supervisor, “I won’t do that.” Work as directed and then ask for your shop steward.