Philadelphia, PA - Teamsters Local 623 held a practice picket and rally on July 13, 2023, in preparation for a possible strike against UPS. The union is demanding higher wages, better benefits, and more job security for its members.

The practice picket was held at the UPS facilities at Oregon Avenue and on Hog Island Road in Philadelphia. Over two hundred Teamsters members showed up to wave signs and chant slogans. They also held a rally at the facility, where they spoke about the importance of their fight for better wages and benefits.

"We're not asking for anything unreasonable," said Trustee James Romeo, "UPS is a profitable company, they've made billions in profit over the past few years. They can afford to give us what we're asking for."

The Teamsters have authorized a strike if they are unable to reach a new contract with UPS by August 1. The union is confident that its members are prepared to walk off the job if necessary. "Those stock prices are going to hit different after August 1!" said President Clarence Bagby, warning UPS managers about the damage the company will sustain if the Teamsters strike

“We’re ready,” said Richard Hooker Jr., Secretary-Treasurer and Principal Officer of Teamsters Local 623. “Our members have been through a lot over the past few years. This has been building up because of how they treat our workers. Our members deserve more than what they’re getting.”

The practice picket and rally were a show of strength by the Teamsters. If UPS is unwilling to meet the Teamsters' demands, a strike could have a significant impact on the company's operations, costing the company millions each day. It would be the single largest single-employer strike in United States' history.

The Teamsters are hoping that they can reach a new contract with UPS without having to go on strike. However, they are prepared to take action if necessary. The practice picket and rally were a clear message to UPS that the Teamsters are serious about their demands.

Photo Credit: Joe Piette