Each week rank-and-file UPS Teamsters are out at the gates flyering, getting feedback, and getting the word out about the UPS contract fight. 

Teamster members at UPS have begun a weekly action day with leafletting taking place at Philadelphia area UPS centers. With the current contract expiring in August, members are mobilizing now for the strongest contract in 2023.

"623 members are ready to show UPS that we are united and ready to fight" said Principal Officer Richard Hooker Jr. "Our UNITE committee members are sending a message that we won't stand for concessions and we will be ready for anything." 

The UNITE Committee, which stands for United, Negotiations, Influence, Teach, and Empower, is tasked with organizing Teamsters Local 623 contract campaign activities and getting the word out about meetings, events, and general information regarding the upcoming Teamsters contract.