Local 623 Secretary-Treasurer & Principal Officer Richard Hooker Jr. introduced an amendment to the Teamsters Constitution that intended to clean up the Teamster Union at the highest levels. Unfortunately, the amendment failed.

Secretary-Treasurer Hooker argued from the floor that leaders should be barred from holding International office when they are found guilty of offenses that merit suspension or expulsion. President Clarence Bagby seconded the motion. After a spirited debate, the delegates ultimately voted it down.

This is a shame for Teamster members as the proposed "Hooker amendment" would have ensured that members who have broken the law or committed other serious offenses would not be able to hold high office.

The proposed amendment is reproduced here:

ARTICLE II, SECTION 4: Eligibility to Office 

(i) Any member who has been suspended or expelled by the General Executive Board of the IBT following a proper investigation as established in Article XIX and/or has been found guilty of an offense meriting suspension or expulsion by the Independent Review Board (IRB) or its appropriate predecessor authorities including the Independent Disciplinary Officers (IDO), the Independent Investigations Officer (IIO), and the Independent Review Officer (IRO), shall not be eligible for any position of International Office