UPS Problems, Teamster Solutions

UPS has agreed to listen to Teamster solutions for coronavirus related problems. Recently we have won assurances that the Company will (1) acquire hand sanitizer to provide to employees, (2) clean and repair the restrooms in all areas, (3) reduce congestion in small sort and throughout the operation more broadly. 

While we thank UPS for their cooperation here these changes are not enough to protect our essential workforce and the public.

UPS has many problems but Teamsters Local 623 has solutions. We have sent a letter to UPS upper management recommending the following solutions. Sign below to show UPS that essential workers are NOT disposable.



Education and Communication

The first and easiest way to protect workers and the public UPS must do their best to educate and communicate to all employees:

  1. Post CDC guidelines and best practices for containing the virus throughout the building for maintaining sanitary conditions;
  2. Clear, open and early communication with the Union and all UPS employees about changes in operations due to infections or other related coronavirus issues, including but not limited to any new federal and state requirements and any changes in UPS policies.


Sanitation has been a persistent problem and UPS must do more to meet CDC guidelines and protect workers and the public:

  1. Install hand sanitizer stations in areas where surfaces are frequently touched (guard shacks, entrances and exits etc.) and in areas where members do not have easy access to bathrooms or other areas to wash their hands. 
  2. Allow hand washing and sanitizer breaks for employees to wash;
  3. Hire cleaning crews for bathrooms specifically as these are important areas to maintain sanitation if we are to slow the spread of the virus. 
  4. Sanitize all trucks, equipment and inside facilities regularly and provide training for union porters and car-washers on proper cleaning techniques;
  5. Alternating the use of trucks and belts on a daily basis so those not being used may be sanitized;
  6. Use UV lights and/or sanitizing mist to sanitize packages and UPS facilities.

Safety and Social Distance

We need to limit contact between workers and maintain social distancing on the job. In order to do this UPS must:

  1. Suspend PCM’s, hold only necessary meetings and hold those meetings outdoors or in open, ventilated space;
  2. Implement staggered start times to reduce congestion at the start and end of shifts;
  3. Implement a one-person-per-truck rule whether it is loading unloading, a supervisor and member, or driver and helper we need to end the practice of two workers being in a truck at the same time;
  4. Speed up security search procedures, remove turnstiles, extra scanners, shoes stay on, no pat downs unless serious suspicion of theft, etc;
  5. End discipline for attendance, if a worker wishes to stay home, they should stay home;
  6. Provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for workers as advised by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) including, but not limited to, the purchase and distribution of gloves and masks for employees to wear. UPS centers in New York City and New Jersey have made PPE available for all employees.

Essential workers should be treated as just that ESSENTIAL. UPS needs to protect our members and the public. Teamsters are proud to serve our country, providing essential services to those in need, but we won't allow UPS to put our members lives at risk to save their profits.

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