JUNE 15, 2023 –  UPS workers, represented by Teamsters Local 623 in Philadelphia, voted overwhelmingly to approve strike authorization during their negotiations with United Parcel Service.

‎2023.06.15_Strike_Auth_Graphic_97.jpegVoting began on Sunday June 11, continued throughout the week, and concluded today, Thursday, June 15.

At UPS gates at the UPS Philadelphia Air hub and the Oregon Avenue UPS building, Teamster officials and volunteers handed out strike authorization ballots.

97% voted to approve strike authorization.

The vote does not mean that UPS Teamsters will be going on strike immediately, instead the vote authorizes the Union's national leadership body, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, to call a strike if negotiations fail to reach a satisfactory deal. The vote sends a strong message to UPS corporate executives that the Union is prepared to strike.

"Our members have shown they are not afraid of UPS's scare tactics and that they are willing to stand together and stand united for a strong contract" said Richard Hooker Jr. Principal Officer and Secretary Treasurer of Teamsters Local 623. UPS made record profits throughout the five years of the current Union contract and workers say they deserve to share in that prosperity. "We made UPS profits soar" said Erik Lexie, a warehouse worker at the UPS facility on Oregon Avenue, "it's past time for workers get a share of those profits." Lexie voted 'YES' for strike authorization.

Meanwhile, Secretary-Treasurer Hooker says this is only the beginning of the fight: "UPS has been making life very hard for our members lately, forcing unnecessary layoffs, enforcing ridiculous new rules, harshly disciplining members for minor infractions, they want our Union to break, they want our members to crack, but this vote shows that the Teamsters are stronger than management bullies."

The UPS contract with the Teamsters expires on August 1, 2023. If an agreement is not reached, 340,000 UPS Teamsters across the country could strike, that would make it the largest, and most economically impactful, strike in decades.

"No one wants to strike but if the company refuses to recognize the hard work our members do day-in and day-out, we will be forced to walk" said Ron Camac, Business Agent and Trustee for Teamsters Local 623.

Teamsters across the country conclude voting today. National strike authorization tallies will be released Friday, June 16, 2023.