The following jobs are vacant and available to be bid at PHL. Sign the bid sheet if you're interested and the bid will go to the most senior person. Good luck!

1 Marcus Oliver
Twi Ramp/Night Hub
2 Sam Johnson
Night Ramp/ Night Ramp
3 Mary Campanell
Twi Hub/ Night Hub (PHL)
4 James Shoemaker
Air Driver/ Day Hub
5 James Millison
Twi Hub/Night Hazmat
6 Andrea Woods
Night Hub/AM Ramp
7 Brian Pace
Twi Hub/AM Ramp
8 Eva James
Twi Hub/Night Hub
9 Paul Ragins
Night Ramp/ Night Ramp
10 Joan McGovern
Fueling [Original 5 Bid]
11 Joe Patoma
Fueling [Original 5 Bid]
12 Robert Walls
Night Building Shift/Preload
13 Frank Gentekos
Twi Hub/Night Hub
14 Hermione Bussey
Night Ramp/ AM Ramp