What to Do if You're Injured on the Job

Tell Your Employer Right Away about your Injury

The longer you wait the more you allow the company to claim the injury took place off the job and you could be denied workers’ compensation.

Bring a Witness When You Are Reporting Your Injury

If management tries to discourage you in any way from reporting the injury, or retaliates against you for reporting an injury, contact Local 623 immediately.

Seek Medical Care Right Away

Call an ambulance if you need to. Do not hesitate to leave the job if necessary, but make sure you inform your supervisor. If you go to the doctor after your injury, let your doctor know it is a work-related injury.

Get a Workers’ Comp Attorney

The Workers’ Compensation system has become so complicated that it is nearly impossible to navigate without an attorney.

Get the representation you need to make sure your rights are respected.