VICTORY AT PANEL: What It Means for Stewards

Brothers and sisters,

The Atlantic Area Parcel Grievance Committee (AAPGC) sided with the Union in our case on behalf of Cynifah Burrel. The Union charged that the Company had violated Article 18 and Article 4 of the National Master Agreement, the panel instructed the Company to comply with those articles. The minutes from that meeting read as follows:

Decision: Based on the facts presented, the Company is instructed to comply with Articles 18 and 4 of the NMA, specifically with reference to provideing immediate and appropriate medical attention to all injured employees. Such employees shall receive Union representation when requested.

This decision empowers our members and helps protect injured workers. If you learn that an injured worker has not been provided appropriate medical attention or that they were denied the chance to have their Union steward represent them make sure to file the grievance.

Please contact me or the hall if you have any questions.

In solidarity,

Richard Hooker Jr.
Secretary-Treasurer & Principal Officer
Teamsters Local 623